Bunker S8 CM

The pump for lightened screeds and self-leveling substrates

Currently, normal mixers or spiral mixers are used for preparation of lightweight floor screeds.
The pumping of the screed happens subsequently in a separate screw pump placed close to the mixer. With this system, the job cycle is discontinuous because it’s necessary to pump all the material in the mixer and then wait around 6-7 minutes for another mix to be ready and pumped.
In order to improve the job cycle, insure the homogeneity of the mixture in time, and avoid annoying blockages during pumping of the mixture, Bunker has designed and built the S8 CM, designed to mix and pump continuously:  Lightweight screeds for thermal insulation floors, Anhydride and cement-based self-levelling screeds


The S8 CM has been designed to mix and pump continuously:

  • Lightweight screeds for thermal insulation floors
  • Anhydride and cement-based self-levelling screeds.
  • Cellular concrete with polystyrene beads
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