Two products from Reliable Concrete Accessories are now part of the MasterSpec program!

Reliable Concrete Accessories is excited to announce that the specifications for our nationally recognized brand of concrete wet curing blankets, ReliableCure SOG® and ReliableCure VAB® are now listed in Product MasterSpec. The inclusion of our specifications will expand brand recognition within the commercial construction industry, thus making it easier and faster for our customers and […]

35 years for Geroquip!

On the occasion of our 35th anniversary, Geroquip’s Team would like to thank our customers, employees, suppliers, manufacturers and other business partners.  It is thanks to all of you that we have experienced this great progress during our 35 years of operation! We are a leading company in the field of construction equipment and materials, […]

A customer in concrete surface preparation happy with his new acquisition

Since last June one of our customers has invested in shotblasting system, the blastpro BPZ-20-360. This surface preparation equipment is a fully self-propelled, self-sufficient unit with its built-in dust extraction system. KC Structural, our customer uses this new unit at least 40 hours / week since its acquisition. Our customer KC Structural is extremely satisfied […]

An acquisition of two new Stone Slinger

Congratulations to Epandage Legault who recently took possession of these new equipment. Geroquip is proud to have helped Mr. Olivier Legault in this important acquisition of their spreading equipment. You want to know more about the Stone Slinger manufactured by W.K. Dahms Mfg Ltd, click here! or call Martin Deguire at (514) 953-5019.