Bunker B30 Single-phase

Single-phase plastering machine for ready-mixed dry plasters

The single-phase B 30, a winning product!

The single-phase B30 is a compact plastering machine, easy to use, it’s ideal to mix, pump and spray dry ready-mixed plasters continuously on internal and external walls. It can be used manually
with bags or in automatic mode using silos.

Designed to work at 3 speeds, it can be used for a wide variety of materials: lime and cement based plasters, gypsum, anhydrite, insulating plasters, masonry mortar joint fi lling mortars, cement, and anhydrite based self-levelling screeds.

The more air the better the performance

The single-phase B30 is the only plastering machine on the market with a Boxer membrane compressor that supplies up to 280 liters of air per minute.

The compressor, being powered directly by the screw pump motor, allowed Bunker’s technicians to eliminate an electric motor.
Performances are similar to a three-phase machine.


  • Traditional or pre-mixed application of plaster and filling joints
  • Injections of cement grouting
  • Pumping mortar and isolating materials
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