Come and meet us at the Las Vegas Conexpo

The sales and marketing team of Geroquip inc, the specialist in the distribution of Concrete Equipment and Materials for construction in Quebec, will be present at the Las Vegas Conexpo, from March 10-14, 2020 inclusively.

This team of professionals will be at the booth S61201 to answer all your questions about Magic Screed.

You are cordially invited to visit our facilities.


At the Conexpo Trade show, Geroquip will feature the Magic Screed, the most powerful portable vibratory grader on the market. It is an extremely easy-to-use tool that allows you to level four times more concrete than the conventional method.

The ease of use of the Magic Screed comes first from the fact that there is a range of seven blades of different lengths depending on the needs of the moment (4 ‘, 6’, 8 ‘, 10’, 12 ‘, 14’ and 16 ‘). The blades are interchangeable in no time.

The Magic Screed relies on a small 35cc four-stroke Honda unleaded gasoline engine. It is light and silent.

This revolutionary device, designed in Quebec, also has two ergonomic grips which make it is very easy to adjust the position of the handles according to your needs. Three settings are possible, just a key to adjust the position of the handles.
Finally, the anti-vibration system, specifically designed for the Magic Screed, reduces vibration in the handles while significantly increasing the comfort of the operator and maximizing control over the device.

See the Magic Screed in action by clicking here! Or, better yet … Come and see it at the Conexpo trade show in Las Vegas, March 10-14, 2020, Booth S61201.